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2013 NFL Mock Draft


We just updated our 2013 NFL Mock Draft. It’s tough to do a Mock Draft this early because not knowing how each NFL team will perform makes it difficult to predict the correct order. I usually start out with last years order, but I also take into account if an NFL team improved themselves in the off- season. 

As far as the college football prospects, I think we have a good idea which players are going to be stars this year. Of course things change, players get injured or fresh faces emerge as the season goes along, but I will be sure to update my 2013 NFL Mock Draft at least once a month during the season. 

What do we know? Well there will be a boat load of juniors declaring for the draft early and at least two and maybe three quarterbacks will go in the first round: USC QB Matt Barkley, Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas and Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson look like future franchise quarterbacks.

It might be a thin year at receiver as USC WR Robert Woods and Cal WR Keenan Allen might be the only two selected in the first round. Look for a strong year for offensive tackles though, we might even see a Center drafted in the first round as Alabama’s Barrett Jones looks like a supreme talent.


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NFL Draft Dog


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The Draftnik

What is a Draftnik you ask? Well that’s a good question. I looked it up in Websters Dictionary and didn’t see any results. I did find the term in the Urban Dictionary, and while that definition was hilarious, it wasn’t very accurate. I found it in Wikipedia of course, but whomever added that listing must be in love with the Huddle Report’s draft grade, which, by the way only comes into play if your trying to guess who you think the NFL team will draft, not who you think they should draft. To really grade a Mock Draft you have to wait a couple years and see if the player that you had going to a particular team has done a good job for the team. For example, in the (2010 NFL Draftif the Dallas Cowboys would have taken an offensive tackle like I recommended they might have made the playoffs. Also, the Chargers at  the 12 spot would have been a lot better off with OLB Jason Pierre-Paul over RB Ryan Williams.

A Draftnik is a person that is a die hard fan of the NFL Draft and all things leading up to it. He or she usually puts out a 2013 NFL Mock Draftabout now, yes I said 2013. He also watches college and NFL Football, ranks and evaluates the prospects as the season goes along, watches the College All Star Games and NFL Scouting Combine and then of course he wouldn’t miss the actual NFL Draft itself, watching all seven rounds. Some people claim that you had to be “trained” to evaluate talent. I don’t agree, its not about formal training, its about an eye for talent, some people have it and some don’t, its not rocket science, its about blocking and tackling, running and throwing the football and catching it.  The fundamentals of football are taught in grade school in this country and no matter what level you are on they don’t change. Thats not to say there is any substitute for hard work, no matter how much of an “eye for talent” you have, you can’t discover a NFL Draft Prospect and get a good feel for his talent unless you watch a lot of his game film. Of course a real Draftnik visits NFL Draft Dog to stay updated on the latest NFL Draft news.

So there you have it folks, now you know what a Draftnik is.

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2012 NFL Mock Draft

The 2012 NFL Draft is still 14 months away, but if you look closely you will be able to see some of the top college football talent that will be hearing their name called in the 2012 NFL.Draft.  NFL Draft Dog has consistently been one of the first NFL Draft Websites to complete their Mock Draft and this year is no different.

Quite a few of the top underclassmen didn’t declare this year, Stanford QB Andrew Luck immediately comes to mind, he almost certainly would have been the first selection in the 2011 NFL Mock Draft, but quite a few others are going back for another year of college football also like:

CB Janoris Jenkins, Miami (Fl)
DT Jared Crick, Nebraska
WR Ryan Broyles, OKlahoma
OT Matt Reynolds, BYU
WR DeVier Posey

Take a look at their 2012 NFL Mock Draft and please comment away. Your comments either positive or negative will make their Mock Draft that much better. What do you think?

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2009 College Football Coverage

College Football Top 25 Teams
 The ratings are in and the top 25 college football teams have been voted on by the NFL Draft Dog Staff. Read and comment on who you think will be the best college football team in 2009.

2009 Pre-Season College Football All American Team
The staff at NFL Draft Dog has been busy watching film and debating the best college football players entering the college football season.  Not all of these players will be top 2010 NFL Draft Prospects, some might not have the size or speed for the NFL, but in college they have been completely dominant and they deserve to be recognized. Check back at the end of the season for our post season college football all americans.

Heisman Trophy Hopefuls
The last two winners, Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford and Florida QB Tim Tebow will be super strong candidates to win the coveted trophy but there are a few other college football stars that won’t go down without a fight.

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College Football All-Star Games


Senior Bowl
2009 Senior Bowl Post Game Report

East-West Shrine Game
2009 East-West Shrine Post Game Report

Hula Bowl

Magnolia Grid-Iron Classic (D-IA v. D-IAA)

Cactus Bowl (DII)

Texas vrs. Nation All-Star Game
2009 Post Game Report

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